The Fact About kemti achhu That No One Is Suggesting

A lumbar puncture is often a method where cerebral spinal fluid is removed from the spine by using a needle. A lumbar puncture is essential to look for infection or blood during the spinal fluid. A lumbar puncture also can Appraise the force in the spinal column, which may be handy for those with idiopathic intracranial hypertension (generally younger, obese Women of all ages that have increased intracranial pressure), or other leads to of greater intracranial pressure. Generally, a CT scan really should be accomplished to start with.[5]

Mon tanku jani suni pacharili je nani aame ta ganji pindhu chhu tame ta kahin ki pinchu nahan sethu se hasi ki kahile are bokachoda jhia pila mane ganji pindhanti nahin semane bra pindhanti. Sethu moon pacha rili bra ra kama kan? Se kahili bra ra kama heuu chhi doodha ku limited kari dhariba.

Temporal arteritis is surely an inflammation of vessels close to the temples in older people, which decreases blood flow to your Mind and leads to ache. May perhaps even have tenderness in temples or jaw claudication. Some brain cancers are more popular in more mature men and women.

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Dhaka diye motka mere pore thake. Meye dhuklo hoi hoi kore. Dadabhai uhetche bole amar ghore. Gharer obostha dekhe muchki hense uthe.

The daily-persistent headaches along with the hypnic headache and thunderclap headaches are thought of Key head aches also.

Bole chokher niche hath dei. Ar ektu kach ghese ase. Amar sara mukhe hath bolate suru kore. Ba hathta amar thaier upor rekhe chap dei.

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You will find over two hundred kinds of head aches. Some are harmless and several are daily life-threatening. The outline in the headache and results on neurological examination, establish no matter if more checks are required and what remedy is finest.[three]

Mora bi aau patience nathila. Mun mo Rodku thik ta Biara line upare rakhiki dhakka deli, kintu dui thara jaka slip karigala. Ritu hasi hasi kahila, “Chhada mote, tume paribani”. Mote tale soedeiki mo upare chadhi gala. But this time it absolutely was more more challenging.

Up coming time mun dokanru condom packet kiniki neiaasili. Sanga mankathu luchei ki rakhithae, Ritu aasile chupki pindhinie.

When introduced with concerns, they can see the much larger picture. Their solitary thoughtfulness and Evaluation of men and women and globe gatherings click here could make them seem to be aloof, and sometimes even melancholy.

1st yr arambhare re toh ta sahita kichhi kariparilini kintu pare mun jetebele PCte neiki aasili aama bhitare closeness badhigala. Partha ki Jivan toh roomre thile Computer samnaru jama uthanti hi nahin. So, mun ekathile hin Ritu roomku aase.

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